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 possibly moving ower to raidcall

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possibly moving ower to raidcall Empty
PostSubject: possibly moving ower to raidcall   possibly moving ower to raidcall EmptyMon Dec 23, 2013 11:21 pm

me and torn where talking about trying out raid call as a replacer for mumble, because of some minor problems with mumble. raidcall is more or less like mumble expect that its 100% free. for now its just a test and if it works out good we will keep it. i am sett as owner for the chat for the test period and ill crown addmins for the chat, if we deside to go with raid call one of the owners will probably take ower the rssponsibility and and make a new chanell.

raidcall and be quickly downloaded and installed from the raidcall homepage.

when u have installed raidcall and you need to do is creat an account on raidcall and logg in.
when you logg in the only thing you need is to enter the  id which is ;7756431.
in the search field and you join the chat.

any coments or conserns can be posted  here or told in the clan chat or runescape. we need feed back if we are going to deside
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possibly moving ower to raidcall
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