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 5/5 -- 5/11

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PostSubject: 5/5 -- 5/11   5/5 -- 5/11 EmptySun May 04, 2014 9:18 pm

Hey TLS! After a successful week of recruiting, capping, slaying, and not-dying, I'm happy to finally post this coming week's events! As ever, remember that all of the times listed are in Eastern Standard Time.

This weekend has been labeled "Skiller Weekend" and for good reason!
On May 10 and 11:
Artisan’s workshop- double xp and reputation
Runespan- more points and more persistent nodes
Pyramid plunder- increased chance at black ibis, scepters, and jeweled artifacts
Divination- more enriched nodes
Big chinchompa- 50% more experience

--Monday, May 5- 6:00 PM
---Pyramid Plunder Preparation
-Led by our own Lexie, we'll be gathering in Sophanem and hitting the pyramid, and learning how to play Pyramid Plunder in preparation for this weekend.

--Tuesday, May 6- 6:00 PM
---Something about art
-Artisan's workshop. It's expensive so I won't be participating, but if you feel like doing it in a group then an announcement will be made and anyone wanting to participate will have the chance to grab their friends and have an orgy fun at artisan's workshop with your friends!

--Wednesday, May 7- 6:00 PM
---Deja Vu
-Since this weekend will also include divination, then today is the day for divination stuff! Led by Jake, participants will meet up at Brimhaven and form a big train (for my amusement) and walk to the divination location in Karamja. There an hour or so will be spent collecting memories and spending them, but saving the energies. The energy will be given to TLS Vlad who will sell them and donate the proceeds to someone in the clan who needs it.

--Thursday, May 8- 6:00 PM
---Yo Momma's so Chinchompa
-Big chinchompa. Large group. So moths. Very sleep. Wow.
(We'll be doing a single round of big chinchompa to teach everyone how it's done)

--Friday, May 9- 6:00 PM
---I can't think of a clever name for the Runespan

-Saturday, May 10- 5:00 PM
---Deja Vu Again
-More divination, geared towards level 60-70 players. Mobilising Armies location.

-Saturday, May 10- 6:00 PM
---Pyramid Plunder
-This is the real pyramid plunder event, also led by Lexie. Strap on your big-boy thieving outfits because we'll be vigorously attacking this pharaoh's tomb.

-Sunday, May 11- 6:00 PM
---I still can't think of a clever name for the Runespan

Since Big Chinchompa is an individual's D&D, we can't really force you to come play with us unless you want to, so there won't be any events for it happening.

Also, since the artisan's workshop is so damn expensive, only you rich folks will be partaking. Have fun!

I can schedule events geared towards your schedule, but you have to let me know what times of the day are best for you. Email me at (:

TLS Jerrr
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TLS Lexie
TLS Lexie

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PostSubject: Re: 5/5 -- 5/11   5/5 -- 5/11 EmptySun May 04, 2014 9:54 pm

Forgot to click the nighttime option but I'm down for that Smile. Also, I'm down to teach big chin to anyone who needs explaining.

5/5 -- 5/11 TLS_Everlass
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5/5 -- 5/11
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