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 My Skilling Ways

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PostSubject: My Skilling Ways   My Skilling Ways EmptySun Jul 06, 2014 12:03 am

Daily Rc Runs
Best runes for me to run at the moment is Natures or Astrals due to me using them mainly on lunar spells for my farm runs.
Setup -
My Skilling Ways Rc_dai10
Always teleport back to Edgeville incase of a pouch damage.
Ending - Price checked incase you wanted to sell runes after runs, however in my case I keep to help with farm runs.
My Skilling Ways Rc_dai11

Daily Farm Runs
When doing farm runs I start at Canafis Farm Patch and end at Fally Farm Patch
Setup -
My Skilling Ways Farm_r10
Always leave herb till last on Canafis Farm, after doing allotments and flower patch, drink juju potion and activate aura (You have time limit with these so just do herbs and then re run the patch visits)
After you have finished your farm run at fally farm if you have 90+wc chop down the elder tree just north of patch for more bank as they are 4k each at the moment.
Ending - Price checked incase you want to sell harvest after runs, however im bank storing my farm runs.
My Skilling Ways Farm_r11

Below are my bank tabs for Rcing and Farming

My Skilling Ways Rc_tab10

My Skilling Ways Farmin10

More Coming Soon!
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My Skilling Ways
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