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 Lifetime Drop Log

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Lifetime Drop Log Empty
PostSubject: Lifetime Drop Log   Lifetime Drop Log EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 5:00 am

I saw this part of the forums and remembered that I had a drop log I'd been updating since around 2012 of mostly solo loots, so I thought i'd post it here Very Happy.

Bandos GWD: Bandos Tassets x1, Bandos Chestplate x1, Bandos Warshield x1, Bandos Hilt x1
Armadyl GWD: Armadyl Chestplate x1, Armadyl Boots x2
Zamorak GWD: Zamorakian Spear x1
Saradomin GWD: Nothing
Kalphite King: Drygore Longsword Split x1
Tormented Demons: Dragon Limbs x1
Glacors: Steadfast Boots x1
Automotons: Cresbot x1
QBD: Dragonbone Upgrade Kit x2
Airut: Razorback Gauntlets x1
Celestial Dragons: Visage x2, Dragon Rider Upgrade Kit x1
Abyssal Demons: Whip x1
Dark Beasts: Dark Bow x2
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Lifetime Drop Log
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